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Pique Dame

My biggest audience: in 2016 at “Opera for everyone”, a free event open to the public.
This was when Pique Damewas broadcast live to the jam-packed Sechseläuten Square in Zurich. It was a wonderful June evening for people to sit outside and get to know the world of opera. The public was enthralled by being able to experience the faces of the singers in close-up, and to hear fantastic music.
I had already sung the role of Pauline in two previous productions. So I’m very much at home with the role and her music, and feel close to her.
At the end of the performance, we were able to acknowledge the applause of the public from the balcony of the Opera House. The huge mass of people and the atmosphere under the night sky were overwhelming, and made this evening a unique experience.

Opening nights

Premiering a new opera is probably one of the hardest things in the world to do, and opening nights of any opera are always pretty stressful.

Rufus Wainwright