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My smallest production of all: Cinderella, after a text by Robert Walser, with music by Martin Derungs. The role of Cinderella was my very first introduction to the genre of contemporary music – at least in opera. Besides the music, I found it fascinating to embody the title role. Unlike in the fairy tale, Cinderella in this chamber opera is opinionated, bossy, cheeky, loud, energetic, and rejects the Prince – and all this is reflected in her actions.
The small number of props, the straightforward sets and our small team of musicians and singers meant we were able to take this work on a little “Tour de Suisse”. We also played the opera in Chur, Sils Maria and Biel.


I didn't really like opera. I liked cheerleading and boys and, later, smoking. So my opera career was cut short when I was 15. My dad got sick, and we couldn't afford the lessons, so I stopped and became a cheerleader and wrecked my voice.

Meryl Streep